Mining & Construction Mining & Construction

K-home can supply prefab house and container house solutions for mining and construction use, such as labor camp, office, living home, warehouse, etc. 1.For the temporary use, light steel structure prefab houses with EPS sandwich penal is a cost-saving choice. ... +

Oil & Gas Oil & Gas

K-home, a professional modular house solution provider, has much experience in this industry.
For the oil and gas project used house solution, we recommend our container houses.
We can make variable sizes of container houses to meet the project ... +

Healthcare & Medical Healthcare & Medical

K-home is dedicated to different housing solutions in every walk of life. Container house is a new generation of prefabricated housing products, which supplies very convenience for short time, temporary and urgent need of shelter and movable healthcare and ... +

Hotel & Motel Hotel & Motel

Hotel & motel contianer house
K-home supply the solution for hotel and motel use by containers. Each container can be decorated to an individual room from inside. Then stack the containers layer by layer from low to high, fixing them by screws. These ... +

Education Education

For education housing solution, K-home has its own idea and principle. Modular construction for school or training center should equip with more advanced, safe and complete modular units. Network facility, heating system, cooling equipment, ventilation equipment, ... +

Commercial Commercial

K-home supply variable kinds of modular solutions  for commercial uses. 
With the rapid development of business and economy, the shop rent and decoration are increasing accordingly. It is very hard to get a shop in the business hub. Well, ... +

Disaster Relief Disaster Relief

K-home offer the housing solution for all kinds of people who are in need. The man made and natural disasters such as  war, hurricane, earthquake, flood are happening  everyday in the world.  People are drift from place to place homeless and miserable.  K-home ... +

Military Military

The change of military  modular houses' requirement are along with the development of technology and material engineering. No matter temporary facilities or fixed field house, they all require light weight composite material with high strength. Thus, ... +

Lowrise &Medium Rise Building Lowrise &Medium Rise Building

The low-rise & medium rise building are frequently used in landscape zone, small scale site or factory. It usually has 3 to 4 floors. 
This solution suit for long term housing use, not like low budget temporary labor accommodation ... +

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