Advantage of Flat Pack Modular Building


The flat pack modular house is a bolt connection house, once it developed it attract peoples’ eyes as the following advantage.


  1. Fast production:Most of the parts are automatically made by machine, and we have skilled workers, production could be really fast.
  1. Easy to assemble, because of its modular production, the assemble is very easy, 3 skilled engineers could installation 2 units in one day.
  2. Easy to transport, save space in a shipping container, 1 unit 40HC shipping container could load 11-13units.
  3. Only handheld tools to make assemble, no need to hire a crane for installation.
  4. Durable frame: The galvanized frame and powder coating, hard to get rusted. And the frame is very thick, from 2.3-3mm for your choice.
  5. Easy to connect, should you need a bigger space, it can be connected infinite horizontally and stackable to 3 floors.
  6. The window and doors are customizable, and should you want to make your house more fashionable or more attractive, we can make it for you.


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