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    Benefits of Flat Pack Modular Construction Building

    Modular construction offers an alternate, often quicker-to-build construction solution that can reduce building costs and environmental footprint. With modular and prefabricated systems, you save with: Reduced construction time Better production and quality control Lower labor costs Earlier grand openings Other factors include reduced Jobsite and neighborhood disturbance from construction, reduced traffic from workers, and safer […]

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    Advantage of Flat Pack Modular Building

    The flat pack modular house is a bolt connection house, once it developed it attract peoples’ eyes as the following advantage.   Fast production:Most of the parts are automatically made by machine, and we have skilled workers, production could be really fast. Easy to assemble, because of its modular production, the assemble is very easy, […]

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    Construction Site Container

    Choose a container house, you need to consider the following points: Drainage system: Our container house is different from the previous traditional shipping containers. It is not an integral structure, but a bolt connection. The drainage system is designed when it leaves the factory. When it is installed, follow our steps to install it correctly […]

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    Prefab Homes Under 20K

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    How To Maintenance Prefab House

         Prefab House is quick to install, easy to disassemble, safe, and durable. It can be used for more than 10 years. However, it must be maintained during use. Otherwise,      it will be rust in high-quality materials and will slowly deteriorate. After installing the Prefab K House,the user is not allowed to […]

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    The Advantages of Container Mobile House

    The containerized mobile house is very simple in cost, transportation, and on-site installation, and the installation is also very fast. Its mobility and convenience have irreplaceable advantages. 1. Standardized large-scale production. The components are relatively standard, there are no complicated components, the degree of mechanization is high in the processing process, and the assembly line […]

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    Economic Portable Container Delivery Method

    Our modular house is developed on the traditional shipping container. In addition to the similar size and appearance, we also made some adjustments. For example shipping method. Ours is to send all kinds of materials to your construction site, and then assemble them on site. In this way, referring to traditional buildings, our transportation methods […]

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    Site Office Container for Car Service Shop

    The function of the container house is far more then our imagine. Besides the office, school, dorms, toilet room, etc. We alwasy use. Here we develop a new design for car service shop with our container unit. The size of each unit is (L*W*H)5.95*3*2.8meter, so for a small van could drive in and out easily. […]

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    Office Container Cabin in Factory

    Last week, we have built one new container offices for our staff in the factory. This is a 2 storey container office, total consisted of 7 units standard container and 1 platform. We completed in 2 days, then our worker moves in. The final work as below Here I would like to introduce to you […]

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