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    What can Container House be used for?

    Nowadays, container house, as one of the most popular products in Modular Building, gradually replaced traditional buildings and became the most popular temporary building for investors and contractors. So what can container house be used for? 1. Accommodation— More and more construction sites use prefab building as worker accommodation. 2. Office—Many companies use container house […]

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    What are the advantages of Portable Prefab School?

    1. Safety and comfort-we must ensure the safety of every student and teacher in school, so we use more steel to produce our container house to make our house stronger and more durable. Ensure the safety of every children in school. 2. Easy to install—Modular building adopts screw connection, no welding is needed, and it […]

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    What are the characteristics of Container House?

    Nowadays, Container House has become more and more popular and has become the choice of most investors and contractors. So what are the characteristics of Container House? 1) Good ability to assemble and disassemble for several times without damage. 2) Could be lifted, fixed and combined freely. 3) Fireproof and waterproof. 4) Cost saving and […]

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    What Is The Container House?

    What is the container house? Residential container is a kind of prefabricated house, a new type of dwelling method by introducing modern home design concepts. Because it is all made of steel plates, it has the ability to resist earthquakes and deformation. At the same time, the strict manufacturing process also allows it to have […]

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    K-Home Completed The Production Of The Philippines Project As Scheduled

    On December 21, 2020, K-Home completed the production of the Philippines dormitory project as scheduled. Actively contact freight forwarders for transportation work, and strive to let customers receive the goods as soon as possible.   From the beginning of establishing contact with customers, K-Home always adheres to the idea of thinking for customers, providing customers […]

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    Worker Dormitories In Singapore

    This is our project in Singapore. The customer uses our container house as the container dorm. Each building has a toilet and bathroom. The 200-person dormitory was built in only a month or so, which greatly saved customersā€™ time and money. In each room, we equippe with 7 single beds, desk, wardrobe, etc. for our […]

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    Do container homes rust?

    Like the title, will container house rust? After the general container house is used for 3-5 years, after wind and rain, rust will appear to a certain extent, which will affect the appearance. Our modular contianer houseĀ adopts the latest design and technology, with a galvanized layer on the outside of the steel, multi-layer protection, and […]

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