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    Container as Shelter Provision Solution for Post-Disaster Reconstruction

    On the afternoon of October 30, local time, a strong earthquake occurred in the Aegean Sea. Spread to parts of Greece and Turkey. Izmir in Turkey and Samos Island in Greece were severely affected, and a large number of buildings were damaged. The strong earthquake also triggered a small tsunami for a while, and the […]

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    Container Quarantine Hospital For COVID-19

    In 2019, COVID-19 swept the world. Wuhan, China took the lead in using prefabricated houses to build two isolation hospitals, “Huoshen Mountain” and “Leishen Mountain.” Major hospitals have also added container fever clinics and container patient wards housing. KHOME provided high-quality container houses to the infectious disease building of the People’s Hospital of Weihui City. […]

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    Land Reclamation Accommodation Container

    This is a construction dormitory provided by a leading company in Singapore in infrastructure and civil engineering. They specialize in reclamation and coastal protection projects and have a history of more than 40 years in the construction industry. K-HOME has reached a cooperation with the company and provided 60 container houses this time. This dormitory […]

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