03/31 2021

Does it worth to use a temporary container house?

When many people consult our container house, they will hesitate when they know that we are a temporary container house building. Should they choose a temporary house or build it ourselves for accommodation containers? Here I would tell you the temporary house’s advantages, so you can decide which is more suitable for you. Affordability– Container homes are way cheaper than your standard house, making homeownership a possibility to more people. Durability–  Anti-earthquake 8 grades, wind-resistant 12 grades. Sustainability– You won’t be using up new resources when you purchase a container home, you’ll be... read more
03/31 2021

Top 8 Advantages of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings refers to the construction of part or all of the components of the building completed in the component prefabrication factory and then transported to the construction site through the corresponding transportation method, and the components are assembled by reliable installation methods and installation machinery, to become a steel frame building with functions. The construction method of the building. Compared with on-site construction, the pre-engineered building has the advantages of convenient construction, fast project progress, little impact on the surrounding environment, and easy assurance of the quality of... read more
03/23 2021

What are the advantages of steel frames as a building material?

More uniform stress distribution In steel structure buildings, because steel materials are used, the material difference is small, and the internal stress of the structure is also more uniform. In this way, the steel structure design and actual stress can be basically ensured in the calculation of the steel structure mechanics. The consistency of the steel structure makes the stress of the steel structure easier to control, thereby ensuring that the components of the steel structure can meet the corresponding mechanical performance standards, and the uniformity of the stress distribution... read more


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