Congratulations on the Completion of the Prefabricated Office


With the coming of 2021, everyone hopes that everything will be better in the new year.

Many companies have high hopes for 2021.

The same is true for our real estate company. As the epidemic gradually stabilizes, construction companies are slowly returning to work. Workers can gradually return to work.

Therefore, the demand for offices and dormitories is very urgent.

The biggest challenge of this project is the unclear design. Fortunately, the land area is sufficient.

Since investors have many projects and often change the building units, this is a temporary address. Taking all factors into consideration, we recommend using prefabricated houses.

Due to the 100% screw connection structure, and all parts are pre-modularized in our factory, the production and construction cycle can be very fast.

When we produce building materials, work on cement foundations is also going on at the same time.

Within 30days, we made a house total covers an area of 3090square meters.

The design as below

The appearance like below


Should you need any inquiry about a prefabricated house, contact K-Home immediately, you will get a solution soon.


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