Container Guard House With Rolling Door Transported to Shanxi Construction Site


On November 24, 2020, Shanxi customers customized 5 sets of container guardhouses were completed delivery.

Container Guard House

Container Guard House is mainly used as a temporary guard post, guard office, factory guard room, mailroom, monitoring room, etc. on the construction site. Especially on the construction site, the guard is for temporary use, and the container is a very suitable solution.

The main functions of the guard room are as follows: 1. The guard’s office, 2. The position of the guard, 3. The monitoring room, 4. The mailroom, 5. The access control channel.

The standard container is 6 * 3 meters, a total of 18 square meters, can be set into two rooms, the inside is a bedroom, about 9 square meters, the outside is the guard’s office, equipped with a monitoring display. If you need access control to pass, you need to add a 6-meter container. We have a complete set of container access control systems and an attendance ramp.


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