Container Mobile House Material Composition


Container mobile house material composition


1. Foundation


First of all, due to the strong integrity, rigidity, and good airtightness of the container structure of the mobile house, in addition to ensuring the safety of the building itself, it also has the ability to resist unconventional geological and climatic conditions, and can adapt to various environments and venue.



Secondly, the container unit has a small size and modularity, which can not only be flexibly adjusted according to site conditions. The scale of container mobile house construction, and the requirements for surrounding supporting facilities are not high.



Furthermore, the steel structure of the container block is much lighter than the concrete building, and the requirement for the site capacity is not high, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the land.



Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is more economical and reasonable to adopt a natural foundation. However, when the local foundation soil bearing capacity cannot meet the structural requirements, the foundation needs to be treated as necessary to compact and level the foundation soil, and ensure that there is no surface water retention.


2. Basic


The role of the foundation is nothing more than transferring the load of the upper container house, adjusting the horizontal angle of the ground, fixing the container mobile house, and preventing water and moisture.



A series of characteristics of the container mobile house construction determines that its requirements for foundation treatment are lower than ordinary buildings.



It is not difficult to find from real cases that the basic structure of the container movable house has commonly used concrete block feet. On the one hand, it can better prevent corrosion and moisture. On the other hand, when the equipment pipeline is designed at the bottom of the containers, it is convenient for workers to install and repair.


3. Roof


K-Home has specially designed a drainage system. Its roof not only solves the problem of rainwater in the building, but also plays an important role in heat preservation, ventilation, sound insulation and other issues.



According to the different requirements of the shelter of the container mobile house, different roof structures and additional methods can be adopted, such as double-side roof or single-side roof, and four-side roof. It has good durability, beautiful color and convenient construction.


4. External additional components


The external additional components of the prefabricated cabin of the container mobile house, such as balconies, outer corridors, canopies, sunshades, outdoor stairs, equipment brackets, etc., should meet the requirements of structural design and anti-corrosion, heat insulation, vibration isolation and appearance.



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