Container resettlement housing solution for the homeless


Container resettlement housing solution for the homeless

The Xiongdong area, as an important part of the Xiongxian Group, is an important area to ensure the relocation of residents around the high-speed rail hub!

In order to build a complete infrastructure, provide high-quality public services, and ensure the relocation and settlement of residents around the high-speed rail hub, Container resettlement housing have been introduced this time, and residents are currently being resettled quickly and efficiently.


Container resettlement housing


At present, transportation and municipal infrastructure, safety facilities, and ecological environment projects have been fully launched, and the external trunk road network has basically taken shape. The first-phase container relocation residential area and public container toilet service facilities have basically been completed, which can meet the needs of early relocation and housing.


Container resettlement housing


The planned population of Xiongdong area is about 180,000. The planned total above-ground construction area is approximately 13.92 million square meters, of which: approximately 6.3 million square meters for residential functions, approximately 6.04 million square meters for employment functions, and approximately 1.58 million square meters for supporting functions. All relocation work is expected to be completed within five years.


Container resettlement housing


The housing problem caused by the demolition is the most important problem at present. To solve this problem, nine container resettlement houses were built in the first phase, which is expected to hold 1,500 people, the capacity of a village. The Container resettlement housing is a prefabricated building. All the components of the container are produced in the factory. It only needs to be assembled on site. The Container resettlement housing installation is fast. Three workers can install 3 boxes a day. The modular container house has a neat and beautiful appearance, which highlights the human scale of the space and creates a friendly living space atmosphere with a sense of belonging.


Container resettlement housing


Container houses have a wide range of uses, and can be used as container clinics, container conservation centers, container libraries, container cultural centers, container stadiums, container administrative service centers, container schools, container stores, container gates, container police booths, container police stations, etc. The container community can meet the service needs of residents in a 15-minute living circle. The container town meets the requirements of one-stop public services and builds a container city community with convenient life, openness and sharing, cohesiveness and sense of belonging.


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