Cost To Build A Steel Frame House


Let me take you through the construction costs of modular steel structure houses.
Steel structure buildings have the incomparable advantages of traditional concrete structures such as good seismic performance, shorten the construction period, and labor-saving; construction and installation engineering costs are mainly composed of labor costs, material costs, construction equipment usage costs, and other direct costs. Direct costs are the main cost component of construction and installation projects.
The cost of prefabricated steel structure projects consists of prefabricated steel components, transportation costs, and on-site installation costs. The prefabricated steel components are the main component of the cost of Modular House Construction, including secondary deepening design fees, steel purchase fees, and production. Processing fee, rust removal, anti-corrosion coating fee, etc.
There are many factors that affect the cost of prefabricated steel structures, such as the rise and fall of steel prices largely affect the cost of prefabricated components; transportation costs vary according to the distance from the manufacturing plant to the construction site; on-site installation costs vary depending on the structure There are also big differences between the different forms and the segmented forms of components. Generally, tower cranes are used for the installation of steel frame structures, which can greatly reduce component installation costs. Steel trusses, steel grids, and other components are heavier or require the use of tire frames for auxiliary installation. The cost of frame measures and large-scale mechanical measures require a large investment; in addition, steel structure buildings without outsourcing concrete need to be fireproof. The cost of fireproof coatings varies greatly due to the fireproof time limit, fireproof materials, and fireproof types.
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