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Habitable prefab house are widely used in modern buildings because of their unique advantages. The habitable prefab houses are also divided into different types, and the more commonly used ones are the prefabricated houses. The habitable prefab house uses light steel as the framework, sandwich panels as the enclosure material, and uses standard modular series for space combination. The components are connected by bolts. It is a new concept of environmentally friendly and economical prefabricated homes. It can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly, realizes the general standardization of temporary buildings, and establishes the construction concept of environmental protection, energy saving, fast and efficient, and makes temporary houses enter a series of development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and availability. The field of stereotyped products used for many times of turnover.



The color steel sandwich panel of this prefabricated sandwich panel movable house has the characteristics of heat preservation and heat insulation, anti-corrosion and sound insulation, light weight and flame retardant, good seismic performance, strong and beautiful, convenient installation, effectively increasing the use area of ​​the house, and no need for secondary decoration. The structure of the sandwich panel movable house is stable and reliable, and the roof adopts a structural waterproof design without any additional waterproofing treatment. The interior and exterior walls and roof have bright colors, soft texture, and flat surface, which are very harmonious with the steel frame of the house, and have a good decorative effect. The interior of the house is also highly decorative.


Since practicality is the first choice, and there is a preliminary space division in the design, the habitable prefab house does not need to be decorated on a large scale like the houses we usually live in, but in the living process, it is still necessary to follow the simplicity according to its architectural characteristics. The principle of flexibility for renovation or decoration.



Since it is generally not used as a long-term residence, the furniture in the habitable prefab house should also choose a style that is moderate in weight and easy to move, which is not only conducive to position adjustment during the living process, but also convenient for future migration. Try not to make too many decorations on the walls and ceiling of the board room, such as hanging heavy chandeliers and home accessories, and other facilities should be as simple as possible.

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