How To Maintenance Prefab House


     Prefab House is quick to install, easy to disassemble, safe, and durable. It can be used for more than 10 years. However, it must be maintained during use. Otherwise,      it will be rust in high-quality materials and will slowly deteriorate.

  1. After installing the Prefab K House,the user is not allowed to change the structure without authorization, let alone disassemble the bolt assembly, and do not increase or decrease the partition wall.
  2. Light steel parts should be painted and maintained every 1-2 years to extend the service life of the product and maintain its beauty.
  3. The Prefab House is connected to the whole building through steel structure components. The user arranges electric lighting equipment. The wires cannot be tied directly to the steel structure.
  4. All light steel structure colored steel houses connected by screws are equipped with universal power sockets and other facilities. Do not install or hang the open power supply on the steel frame of the color steel house. The insulation arrangement of square plastic pipes should be designed to prevent leakage and electric shock.
  5. After the color steel house is manufactured and installed, non-professionals shall not modify the house structure or circuit design at will, and shall not remove the screws or steel frame fittings of the house structure, nor disassemble the color steel sandwich panel partition wall or add another partition. If there is a strong need to increase or decrease the partition wall, you should notify us to arrange an expert to solve it for you.
  6. After leaving the room, make sure to turn off all power to avoid accidents. When using a gas stove, the color steel room cannot be too close to the fire source, nor can it use high-power electrical equipment.
  7. Under normal circumstances, the Prefab House frame should be painted one or more times within 12-24 months. This can prevent damage to the steel frame and make the Prefab House more beautiful!


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