Land Reclamation Accommodation Container


This is a construction dormitory provided by a leading company in Singapore in infrastructure and civil engineering. They specialize in reclamation and coastal protection projects and have a history of more than 40 years in the construction industry. K-HOME has reached a cooperation with the company and provided 60 container houses this time. This dormitory building can provide accommodation for more than 100 people.


prefabricated container house


We design and produce in strict accordance with Singapore local standards. The prefabricated houses are flexible and changeable and can be adjusted according to actual conditions. The container dormitory are used in Singapore for their worker, since we got the inquiry and know some basic information,such as wet and rainy weather, we add double-slope roof to make the rain can flow easier, the canopy is available to make the walkway clean and dry,most important, the house are put back to back to accommodate more workers in limited space, we also combined 3 standard units to one big place, one room can live in 7 people to obey the policy 1m distance between workers. Also, the stair height, the handrail height are customized freely for them.

prefabricated container house


Wall panel System:

we send are 50mm thickness rock wool material with heat and thermal insulation, the double plate are 0.4mm thickness,which is enough strong.


Floor system:

There are 4 pcs 2.5mm thickness floor beams, the floor purlin are equipped square tubes with 80*80 and 40*80 two size, because we know there are many workers are in. so to make the floor stable,we add the small purlin in 6m direction. Above it, we change MGO board to 18mm thickness cement board, it can withstand the longtime harsh environment, such as toilet and shower room. For the floor leather,we use 1.6mm thickness in living room, for the toilet and shower room, we will add waterproof felt and aluminum plate on the floor board to make sure its waterproof.


Roof system:

For this dormitory in Singapore, except the double-slope roof, our house roof also have waterproof and heat insulation, there are total 4 layer in it, the top tile, the glass wool, roof purlin and ceiling, beside the roof beam, there are 4 water gutters and down pipes to collect rain.


Container House Unit


For the manufacture and delivery, we spend 15 days manufacture and 10 days delivery to Singapore seaport, before the cargo arrive there, all the installation documents are ready and sent to them, finally, the 2 story dormitory installation work are finished in one month. they give the best feedback, we all looking forward to cooperate in near future.


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