Low Cost Prefab House Assistance The Belt And Road!


K-HOME Low-Cost Prefab House Assistance The Belt And Road!

With the continuous advancement of the “One Belt One Road” master plan, China has established closer and closer friendly cooperative relations with neighboring countries, and the infrastructure of countries along the Belt and Road has been continuously improved. In this process, K-HOME’s temporary building provided strong support for infrastructure construction. Provided shelter for the building site workers.
This is a kind of low-cost prefabricated house, which can be made into 1-2 stories, each room has a standard module with one door and two windows, and each room can accommodate 2-4 people, and equipped with a bed, electric heater, toilet, and sink, WiFi access is also available.

low cost prefab house
The prefab steel house can be put together by 4 workers in about 1 day. Greatly save labor and time cost. The prefab house temporary dormitory will last for 20 years and can be dismantled and reassembled again and again, allowing it to be used on new projects when the project changes locations. The price is very cheap, which not only saves the cost but also improves the quality of life of on-site workers. Welcome to contact us if there is any demand for the project.

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