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Manufactured Housing is a kind of temporary Manufactured Prefab Housing that uses steel as the skeleton, sandwich panel as the wall, and bolt connection, which can be assembled and disassembled.



The construction area of this project is 150 square meters, including a staff office of 27 square meters, a staff dormitory of 16 square meters, a reception room of 43 square meters, a meeting room of 16 square meters, a manager room of 16 square meters, a kitchen & dining room of 32 square meters.



In terms of materials, Manufactured Housing can be divided into three types: cement mobile house, phosphor-magnesium mobile house and color steel mobile house. Cement movable houses and phosphor-magnesium movable houses have gradually disappeared in the Prefabricated Housing market due to material and structural problems. At present, the mainstream Prefabricated House is mainly colored steel movable houses.



From the structural division of Manufactured Prefabricated Housing, it can be divided into single-story movable houses, double-story movable houses, flat roof movable houses, and slope roof movable houses.


Manufactured Housing is suitable to be located on mountain slopes, hills, grasslands, deserts and rivers. Prefab Housing is hygienic and clean, with complete indoor facilities, strong stability and durability, and beautiful appearance. Designed according to customer requirements, exquisite and elegant, good insulation performance, warm in winter and cool in summer, most of the structure of the mobile room is completed in the factory. The prefab home is installed on site, which will not damage the environment and be green. The prefab house not only has practical value, but also has ornamental value. The design is novel, exquisite and elegant, energy saving and environmental protection, good thermal insulation performance, warm in winter and cool in summer, anti-earthquake and typhoon, comfortable and warm living.



The cost of Manufactured Prefab Housing is relatively low. Compared with some brick and tile houses, the cost of Manufactured Housing is very low because of the characteristics of the mobile house. It can be recycled and has a longer service life. According to statistics, usually one The reusable frequency of the mobile home is more than six times, and from these data we can better understand that a comprehensive cost of the Manufactured Housing is relatively low.



In addition, the construction speed of a Manufactured Housing is very fast. Generally speaking, an installation unit can install more than 500 square meters a week. This is hard to imagine in the traditional construction category, and such a construction will not generate construction waste. This is undoubtedly an outstanding maintenance effect on the environment, which is in line with the current needs.


Under these links, the recognition of Manufactured Housing will be enhanced when everyone chooses mobile housing. This is also one of the reasons why Manufactured Housing‘s potential in the market is increasing.


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