04/01 2021

Low Cost Prefab House Assistance The Belt And Road!

K-HOME Low-Cost Prefab House Assistance The Belt And Road! With the continuous advancement of the "One Belt One Road" master plan, China has established closer and closer friendly cooperative relations with neighboring countries, and the infrastructure of countries along the Belt and Road has been continuously improved. In this process, K-HOME's temporary building provided strong support for infrastructure construction. Provided shelter for the building site workers. This is a kind of low-cost prefabricated house, which can be made into 1-2 stories, each room has a standard module with one door... read more
03/29 2021

Engineered Steel Buildings for Residential House

The engineered steel buildings can better meet the requirements of flexible partitioning of large bays in buildings than traditional buildings. By reducing the cross-sectional area of columns and using lightweight wall panels, the area utilization rate can be increased, and the effective indoor area can be increased by about 6%. The steel structure system used in residential engineered steel buildings can give full play to the good ductility and plastic deformation ability of the steel structure, and has excellent seismic and wind resistance, which greatly improves the safety and reliability... read more
03/26 2021

The Upgrade of Our Container House

As a steel structure building, whether it is light steel or steel, the treatment of rust prevention is of vital importance to the service life of the entire building, and it will determine how long the beautiful appearance of the container house will last. For the whole steel frame of the container mobile house, the entire frame is galvanized except the corner joint, due to the special making method. For this reason, that’s why most of the time, if we say this container house building is getting rust, but from... read more


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