02/05 2021

Congratulations on the Completion of the Prefabricated Office

With the coming of 2021, everyone hopes that everything will be better in the new year. Many companies have high hopes for 2021. The same is true for our real estate company. As the epidemic gradually stabilizes, construction companies are slowly returning to work. Workers can gradually return to work. Therefore, the demand for offices and dormitories is very urgent. The biggest challenge of this project is the unclear design. Fortunately, the land area is sufficient. Since investors have many projects and often change the building units, this is a... read more
02/03 2021

Portable Toilet for Construction Site (Product Development)

In order to meet the convenience, comfort, and durability of using toilets on construction sites. K-home recently launched a portable toilet solution. 1. The portable toilet occupies a small area, can be installed and used directly, disassembled and transported in time, and will not damage the urban environment. Its wall is made of reinforced sanitary EPS panels, and the manure storage tank has sufficient space and large manure storage capacity. The peculiar smell is very small and will not cause pollution to the environment. It fully demonstrates the concept of... read more
01/30 2021

62 Sets of Accommodation Containers Were Transported To Myanmar

On November 14th, 2020, K-home transported 62 sets of accommodation containers to Myanmar. Before loading, our quality control team checks every detail to ensure that the high-quality products are delivered to customers and that the number of parts is sufficient. We must guarantee to provide customers with a 100% satisfactory experience, even if we have passed the inspection of the SGS company commissioned by the customer. Our team developed a complete loading and transportation plan, and all components are packaged in accordance with standard packaging requirements. We will always consider... read more


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