Office Container Cabin in Factory


Last week, we have built one new container offices for our staff in the factory. This is a 2 storey container office, total consisted of 7 units standard container and 1 platform.

We completed in 2 days, then our worker moves in.

The final work as below

Here I would like to introduce to you how we install the office from the beginning.

Firstly, we assemble all the steel structures for each unit on the ground. Meanwhile, prepare the foundation for it. For this container house, the foundation can be very simple, just make pillar under the beam is enough.Then put the 4 units modular office in the requested area.

After the first floor is completed, we put the second floor, should you crane lift it on the top.

The total main frame is done as below

Then we use locks for all the container units, no matter they connected horizontally and vertically.

The PVC leather, vertically skirting line, bottom and above skirting line assemble at the same time.

After all is done, we will install the glass wall.


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