Ablution Block


Ablution Block

No matter you need a beautiful ablution block in the crowded city center, or at your construction site, so matter the size, we can all customize it for you.

For the building, especially a temporary building, like 1 or 2 small toilet room inside, the service life of the weakest parts determines the life of the total building. So, toilet room, as easy to get rust, we must pay attention to it.

Toilet room and shower room needs frequently clean by water, so waterproof treatment is a quite important and necessary process.

We consider most for the floor structure in the toilet room, usually we use 3 waterproof layers, aluminum, felt and construction cement, those are all well know waterproof material, besides those, we also use an exhaust fan, drainage pipe, etc to support the moisture air go out quickly.

The standard size of container toilet unit is 3*6 meter(10*20ft), thanks to its screw connected structure, it can be expanded easily from 4 sides, and the inside layout is very flexible, no matter what you want to put, the toilet seat, urinal, wash basin, shower heads, etc. We can customize it for you based on the size.


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