Ablution Container


Ablution Container

Ablution Container, one type of prefab modular container house. It is more and more popular by quick installation and movable. Usually used in large worker camps, labor accommodation, temporary buildings, etc.

So what are the characteristics of Ablution Container?

1. Low Cost—Compared with traditional toilet construction, Ablution Container costs less, which can greatly save the budget cost of the project.

2. Fast Installation— A 18 square meters Ablution Container can be installed in 3 hours. This is very fast, and when we save time, we have already saved costs.

3. Excellent drainage system—First, we will raise the floor to make the drainage more convenient; secondly, we will change the floor from MGO board to cement board + aluminum board (more corrosion-resistant material); finally use more Multiple floor drains to ensure drainage efficiency.

4. Easy to clean—Because the floor is replaced with cement board + aluminum board, it becomes easier to clean up, and the aluminum board is very non-slip.

5. Whether it is a toilet or squatting; whether it is a washbasin or a partition. We can provide them in accordance with customer requirements.

Due to these characteristics of Ablution Container, it is becoming more and more popular among suppliers and investors.


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