Affordable Housing Solutions


Affordable Housing Solutions

There are all different types of prefab homes, and many of them aren´t necessarily marketed as “sustainable” or “green.” However, since prefabricated homes are built off-site and follow from similar formulas for each model of a home that is built, there is much less waste that goes into the construction of Affordable Housing Solutions.

Khome Steel Structure builds affordable prefab homes solutions in an attempt to both limit their costs and save on materials, have an exact calculation of how much materials are needed for each module of the home that is being built. This saves an enormous amount of material that otherwise would end up in a garbage dump.

Many Modular homes also incorporate several other elements of sustainability into their design. From energy-efficient light fixtures and appliances, to design options that maximize solar gain, there are several prefab homes that are eco-friendly and will end up saving you enormous amounts of money in your energy bills. we offer the most affordable and sustainable prefab homes on the market today.

Khome Steel structure also promotes additional uses of these structures to include: accessory dwelling units, prefabricated Homes, Modular homes, Relocatable offices, suites, cottages, tiny houses, stacked as an apartment or multifamily complex.

A well-built prefab home unit should last as long, or longer, as its stick-built counterpart. Most claims that prefabs aren’t durable are comparing wood-framed prefabs to concrete or brick homes; this is not a fair comparison. As any manufacturer or builder, there is a spectrum in quality. When seeking a prefab manufacturer, look for experience and ask for references.

Prefab homes are just as safe as stick-built homes. They are permanent structures built to the same codes as any other type of home.

Affordable Housing Solutions come be built similarly to standard stick built homes. The principles of tight building envelopes, the use of high-performance products and breath-ability via mechanical ventilation can all be incorporated during the manufacturing process.

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