Affordable Modern Prefab Homes


Affordable Modern Prefab Homes

Khome Steel Structure is a China based company that builds unique modular homes in as little as three months.

While Khome’ s  core business is building prefab houses, it is extremely focused on developing and using tech in all parts of its business to improve the Affordable Modern Prefab Homes.\

Khome uses modular construction and forward thinking building science.
In addition to customers getting a sustainable healthy modern prefab home, much of the construction is completed off site, which greatly reduces the number of trades at a home site, particularly of interest in the post-covid world.
Above all else, Khome is a full service business driven by quality in the design, manufacture and installation of Affordable Modern Prefab Homes.

Moreover, to achieve the desired level of quality we utilize superior building materials able to withstand harsh weather conditions and the durability to last generations to come.

While our prefab modular homes are beautiful on the outside, we’ve also designed them to perform on the inside. Our focus is on creating a superior building envelope utilizing the latest techniques in creating superior weather, air, water and thermal layers.

We also strive to design simple yet efficient mechanical systems and treat every building like an integrated system of its own.

In short we have spent considerable time developing a system to understand our customers and manage the homebuilding process. Moreover, there are a few signs you might be ready to look closer at a Khome modular home. Above all else our process is geared toward educating consumers and to assessing their needs to ensure that both our company and a prefab modular home is the best solution for a project. Furthermore, once we move forward a dedicated Khome Project Manager will help you through the building process to completion. The result is innovative, sustainable, Affordable Modern Prefab Homes that are designed and built with the customer in mind.


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