Affordable Modular Housing


Affordable Modular Housing

Henan K-Home specializes in portable modular container units for the oil &gas industry, construction sites, and many others. We provide superior quality space solutions and at the same time keep extremely competitive prices.

Our house is packed in bundles of components, which can reduce a lot of transport costs for you.

Our modular house is screw connected means all the parts can be joined together by bolts and nuts. So it will save money for you on leasing heavy equipment. Only hand-held tools are enough. So should you need the projects to be done quickly, could hire more staff to work at the same time. Usually, 3 skilled engineers could assemble 2 units in one day. And all the modular units are the same procedure to assemble, no matter this is a hundred units or thousands of units project, the procedure is the same.

Both ways are very good for you, it is very economic and affordable for most of the investor.

The standard modular container units can be customized from the size, color, configuration, etc. So our house is an open idea for you, no matter what do you need, you can share your idea with our staff; we could find a solution for you.


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