Affordable Prefab Homes


Affordable Prefab Homes

Using the ‘steel frame + sandwich panel’ system, it is easy to build a small steel house in a short period. It can be used as a residential house, office, classroom, clinic, and so on. With a quick installed window and door, you can find K-Home panelized house to suit most of your needs easily and fast.

Both internal and external wall is made from a pre-composite sandwich panel house made up from pre-colored galvanized steel plate of 0.4 mm. in thickness at inner/outer face and Rock wool , insulation of 50mm in thickness and 40kg/m3 in density.

The prefabricated modular house is designed based on the assumptions of a snow load of 50kg/m2, a wind speed of 0.5kn/m2, degree 7 of earthquake conditions. The roof slope is 20 degree.

Affordable Prefab Homes have the following advantages:

  1. Recyclable:The whole house can be disassembled easily and re-erected in another place quickly. One house can be re-used at least 3 times, only 10% of materials need to be replaced during re-erection.
  2. Flexible on sizes.
  3. Quick installation:Six skill workers can finish 200m2 in two days.
  4. Environmental protection: The materials can be recycled and no construction waste left behind except concrete slab.


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