Army Mess Hall Container


Army Mess Hall Container

Containers are preferred in many areas for their safe and comfortable use. Khome serving on international platform since 2007. Company offers customer satisfaction oriented products with the quality and reliable brand name of leading and pioneer khome china. These products ensure comfort under the harshest climate conditions with their strong insulations.


Military dining halls Offering Practical Field Solutions

Army mess hall  containers are used at military base for their practical and comfortable use. They can be offered as single or multi-storey units. Sturctures can be easily and quickly installed, offering ease of transportation for both manufacturer and user.

They offer a comfortable and safe use thanks to insulated sandwich panel walls. Thermal, sound and water resistance is ensured with insulation systems that adapt to all climates. Products can be easily relocated, and modular containers  to other locations.

Comfortable Field Solutions Suitable for Use

Windows placed properly on army dining halls walls enable optimum daylight inside the container. Products can be made with custom widths and heights provided that they are within strength limits permitted by regulations. military dining containers  have have a large, functional and ergonomic design to ensure that several people can have lunch in comfort. Interior sections can be custom designed.

Wide interior space allows installation of heating and cooling systems, providing a healthy and spacious environment. Prefab Containers ensure high comfort level with appropriate insulation materials on exterior and interior walls ensure a while it makes a difference with roof coating. Roof coating of the container is made of khome brand capped (interlocking) galvanized roof. You may find detailed information about the military  mess halls that make best combination of comfort and hygiene.


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