Building A Steel Frame House


Building A Steel Frame House

The steel frame house is increasingly common in recent years, even there are experts purposing that such steel frame houses will be seen in every corner of the world. This sounds weird, but actually, a steel frame house has become a common choice. The question lingering around buyers is that how could they choose the highest performance products. If you have such concern, please come to us. K-Home is one of the biggest exporters in steel frame houses building. With its advanced technology and highly-paid skillful workers, K-Home earns its name around Africa, South Africa, Singapore, and the Middle east. Our products all satisfy the requirements of the international standard.
 Such a steel frame house is a kind of light steel structure, which is connected by bolts. Compared to concreted or bricks houses, such house is light in weight and easy to assemble.
 Its high heat-isolated could save people from the burning sun.
 The pre-build container house is equipped with light, water, and other basic facilities. The sandwich panel wall adds beauty to the whole house.
 The layout of the house and size could be determined by buyers themselves. Any requirements will be met.
 A water-proof roof and noise-resistant wall can ensure a comfortable life for the user.
 Except for housing, the steel frame house can be used to store, process, rent, and sell. It emboldens many uses.
If there is a chance that such pleasing houses touch your heart, please do not hesitate. The earlier you contact us, the quicker you will receive it. Living in such houses without pollution from paint, people will get more healthy. Isn’t ideal housing? For more news please go to, other products could see there.

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