Cafe Box Container


Cafe Box Container

Modular construction using prefab containers is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to conventionally built structures. Modular units offer consumers numerous benefits over their traditional stick-framed counterparts: cost savings, eco-friendliness, and a distinctive aesthetic appearance. The world is to greener and better options for housing in future.

In 2021, modular construction is a great option for cafe box containers, diners, and other commercial applications. By choosing to house your business within a modular unit, you can complete your build faster while equipping yourself with a modern, comfortable, and fully customized facility.

At Khome Steel Structures, we specialize in a wide range of prefab containers, including container cafe. We fulfill orders to our customers’ unique specifications — we can help you assess your needs and develop the perfect modular design for your cafe while following your local food facility policy. Khome design team will design a cafe box container according to your plan.

Let’s examine a few facets of the modular concept and development process and consider how utilizing a container unit for your cafe would make a great choice.

Each of our cafe containers components starts with a steel structure modular container. Steel structure prefab containers are available in a wide range of sizes, but we use 40 ft long container unit for most commercial applications. Modular containers can be designed to be stacked on top of one another or placed side by side for additional floor space. This will help in aesthetics and expansion of your cafe.

We work with customers around the world to build the high quality containers units for your needs and budget. Generally speaking, any  prefab unit can be a candidate for converting to a restaurant container. While newer containers are more expensive, they require less cleanup time to remove dents, rust and other imperfections.


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