Commercial Modular Army Buildings


Commercial Modular Army Buildings

Modular containers now widely used in the Army, Marines, Navy, and Airforce fields. It widely used for management offices, dorms for solders, toilet room, kitchen, recreation room, etc. People like it, because it’s secure enclosed, customizable, movable.

This modular container developed from the shipping container, besides the features that shipping container has, our modular container has upgraded from the delivery method, connection method, and more customizable.

For military crew camps, they change the location frequently, so a container house is an ideal solution, because it is very easy to disassemble and re-assembles. Or it could move wholly, without moving anything inside. When you move to the next place, it’s still your new house.

Below are the significant advantages of the container house:

  1. Easy transportable
  2. Anti-earthquake, durable, and fireproof
  3. Good sealing performance, and patterned water drainage system
  4. Easy connection and the stackable, the interior layout is very flexible.
  5. Configuration customizable, standard is anti-rust and fireproof, should you need long service life of the special treatment, it could be, such as aluminum steel sheet for kitchen.
  6. Low foundation request, just a short pillar under the beam. So it suitable for lack site, the root of hills.


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