Commercial Modular Construction


Commercial Modular Construction

Commercial Modular Construction is an innovative, sustainable construction delivery method utilizing offsite, lean manufacturing techniques to prefabricate single or multi-story whole building construction in deliverable module sections. Commercial modular buildings are manufactured in a safe, controlled setting, can be constructed steel structure.

Commercial Modular Construction modules can be integrated into site built projects or stand alone as a turn-key solution and can be  delivered, fixtures and interior finishes in less time, with less waste, and higher quality control compared to projects utilizing only traditional site build construction.
Unique to modular construction, while modules are being assembled in a controlled off-site setting, site work is occurring at the same time. This permits earlier building occupancy and contributes to a much shorter overall construction period, reducing both financing and supervision costs. Saving even more time and money, nearly all design and engineering disciplines are part of the manufacturing process.
Also unique to modular construction is the ability to simultaneously construct a building’s floors, walls, ceilings, rafters, and roofs. During commercial modular construction with modern methods of construction, walls, floors, ceilings,  are all built at the same time, then brought together in the same factory to form a building. This process often allows modular construction times of half that of conventional, prefab containers construction.

Primary Benefits of Modular construction

  1. Streamlined construction process – in many cases occupancy occurs 50% faster than with conventional construction.
  2. Resource efficient – less labor and fewer materials wasted.
  3. Reduced environmental impact – less site damage, less material exposure and less waste in landfills.                                                                                                                          Commercial modular buildings are non-residential structures, 60% to 90% completed “off-site” in a controlled environment, and transported and assembled at the final
    building site. This can comprise the entire building or be components or subassemblies of larger structures.

    Khome Steel Structure design team can help you with your commercial modular construction in the most efficient way.


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