Commercial Prefabricated Buildings


Commercial Prefabricated Buildings

Points of sale, car dealerships, businesses… Each project is unique and that is why our team of experts works with you to create the Commercial Prefabricated Buildings you are looking for. Khome Steel Structure is your go-to in terms of design-build: we adapt our steel building system to the specific standards of the sector.

Thanks to our versatile construction system, Khome proposes prefab commercial steel buildings that offer a clear span and the required interior space you need. Our building’s structure offers an enhanced interior space.

Due to its design, Khome’ s prefabricated commercial buildings can be expanded in the future.

Khome offers a wide range of standard or personalized finishing colours for the steel structure.

For an optimal architectural finish, you can also opt to cover the steel walls with exterior wall decorative materials.

Khome’ s prefabricated commercial building benefits from a structural ceiling that reduces the unused space volume, minimizing air conditioning and heating costs.

What is more, the energy efficiency of our buildings is optimized by their superior insulation method, well-ventilated attic and light reflecting ceiling.

Operational savings can be as high as 30% per year. Learn more about our unique technology for the construction of Commercial Prefabricated Buildings.

Our structural ceiling, with its galvanized finish, reflects light to ensure a high lighting level.

Since roof trusses are non-visible, the environment remains clean, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing interior space. In addition, any existing attic structure is inaccessible to birds, preventing their access to far removed areas in the building and thereby protecting your goods from damages.

Besides taking care of the aesthetic aspect of your prefab commercial building, Khome also uses only high-quality materials.

Our commercial prefabricated buildings will offer you high efficiency and low maintenance for your future uses.

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