Construction Container


Construction Container

Construction Container is one of the types of containers used in construction sites. They form one of the indispensable parts of the construction sites with the advantages they provide.

While construction container can be used as a safety cabin in construction sites, as a work office in the construction site, it can be also used for the sheltering, eating, drinking, showering, dressing needs of the personnels that are working in construction site.

In other words, they can be designed, produced and used for different purposes. Quality materials such as steel is used in their manufacture, they are durable products.

You can use construction container for many years without any maintenance. They are produced as insulated, with high sound and heat insulation. Electricity and water installations are set up without any problems. Flooring can be done as you like, like parquet flooring. Specially designed installations can be made according to your special needs. Construction container can be produced with a single room or partitions according to your request.

Due to its A1 class material it has wall and roof fireproof feature. You can have a very comfortable and completely trouble-free office for your workplace with electrical and water installations set up. The interior design can be made according to your wishes. Windows, windowspanes and doors can be made according to the customer’s request, using different types of materials in the requested number and in desired sizes. Optionally, different designs can be applied on the interior and exterior facades of construction container.


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