Construction Site Canteen


Construction Site Canteen

A canteen facility is an essential component for the majority of construction sites, especially larger ones. Not only is a canteen a requirement of health and safety law in most circumstances, but a well-stocked site canteen can also significantly improve staff wellbeing and productivity. From basic kitchenettes to a full-size site canteen, we can customize to your need.

Equip your teams with comfortable, welcoming rest areas that positively reflect your brand.

By providing a customized canteen space, site operatives can get away from working areas and relax, eat, and take a break in comfortable, safe surroundings. Having somewhere on-site also means that employees save time in their day, as they don’t have to leave the site in search of refreshments. What’s more, canteens aren’t just places to eat, they also provide a place for workers to relax and de-stress and are an important social space where teammates can interact.

The flexibility to create large double or triple stores complexes means you can cater to any number of construction site personnel.

For the canteen, especially the kitchen area, we care about fireproof and easy to clean features. Because in the kitchen needs clean frequently, and always oily. Contact us, customize your container kitchen.


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