Portable Moving Container


Portable Moving Container

Portable Moving Container always so far away from the city, that it’s impractical for employees being able to work long shifts and meet the physical demands of remote jobs. In order to ensure a high level of worker productivity, as well as attract and retain skilled work crews, companies recognize the need for providing safe and comfortable job site dorm and office.


Container modular house is the ideal solution for prefabricated bunkhouses, living quarters, temporary worker housing, construction site housing, or employee housing, remote camps can quickly be established using modular structures to provide not only workforce accommodations but the kitchen and dining facilities, as well as recreational facilities.

When planning a man camp in a remote location, special consideration needs to be given to the climate, location, and duration of the project. Real-world examples of different man camps can illustrate the wide range of extreme conditions that some remote workforce camps must endure and withstand.


We can provide the service from the design, customize the design, production, and assemble. With more than 15 years’ experience, we have sufficient experience to customize your construction site camp. And what we are doing is to solve your problem in the most cost-effective solution.


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