Construction Site Container


Construction Site Container

Construction Site Container—Most popular prefab house nowadays, why we say this?

When the construction industry starts a new project, they need a lot of workers to complete the project. But at that time, workers’ accommodation and living issues need to be resolved in advance.

How to make workers happy in eating and living? At the same time save costs?
Due to these factors, accommodation container has become the most popular choice.

So why?
1. The installation of our prefab container house is very fast. A 3*6m container house can be installed by three people in only 4 hours. Greatly shortened your project construction time, you know, saving time means saving costs.
2. Container house is convenient for hoisting and moving. If you want to remove it, it will be very easy.
3. Compared with traditional buildings, construction container house is cheaper.
4. We can provide supporting design, such as: dormitory, restaurant, office, recreation room, bathroom, toilet, laundry room, etc.
5. We can also provide matching furniture, such as: bed, air conditioner, table, stool. Wardrobe etc.

Therefore, this kind of affordable and cost-effective container house has become the first choice for workers’ camps in the construction industry.
If you need it, please contact us, we will provide you with the most reasonable design and the best price.


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