Construction Site Mobile Office


Construction Site Mobile Office

The mobile, Construction Site Mobile Office units from Khome Steel Structure present a much-heralded answer to costly construction office trailers and field office trailer units. Constructed of Steel Structure Building and Other Structures, our rugged – highly secure – ground-level, water-proof mobile offices are ideal for construction companies and general building contractors needing a cost-effective solution to their site and field office needs.

With no permits, stair construction or site leveling required, the mobile, high security, ground-level site and field office units are the intelligent and cost-effective – alternative to general construction site offices and field offices, including portable offices and construction office trailer units.

Eating rooms & complete office solutions are available. Our Units can be completely integrated into any existing facility.

We offer solutions that are capable of ground high. Such complexes can house Lavatory, Laundry, Exercise, Meeting, Office, Kitchen and Dinning areas, as well as have a self contained Waste Management System. Mounted Modules they are joined together as a self-contained facility can be completed with stairs and railing.

Your ideal construction site mobile office will be designed by highly professional designers at Khome Steel Structure, Our design team with engineering team around the clock to provide best possible modular office units to clients from all over the world. we would like you to visit our website to know more about our hard work .

Modules can be mounted on solid or temporary steel or concrete footings. They can also be joined together or set as stand-alone modular units. Modules can be manufactured to suit your needs.

Khome Modular Buildings offer temporary and permanent cost effective solutions, enabling you to reduce your costs and improve productivity. Construction Site Mobile Office are built specifically to your individual requirements and the needs of your work force.

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