Construction Site Office


Construction Site Office

Choose a Construction Site Office, you need to consider the following points:

Drainage system: Our container house is different from the previous traditional shipping containers. It is not an integral structure, but a bolt connection. The drainage system is designed when it leaves the factory. When it is installed, follow our steps to install it correctly to ensure that leakage occurs later. Risk of rain. If you have a lot of rainy season in your area, we recommend adding a layer of “people” shaped canopy on the top of the container to allow rainwater to drain.

Pay attention to thermal insulation: Our prefab container house usually provides shelter for workers on the construction site. The container house thermal insulation layer is very important. Therefore, we added a layer of glass wool to the roof system for sound insulation and heat insulation. The 50-thick fireproof rock wool board is used, which not only has the effect of heat and sound insulation but also has the strength to install air conditioning facilities. Can make your workers stay more comfortable.

Beautiful appearance and decoration: The container house adopts the concept of timely check-in. The ceiling of the room, doors, and windows, etc. are all included. It is not a simple container in the traditional concept but only a dark empty room.

Convenient transportation: The advantage of a bolt connection is that it is easy to consign, and it is lossless. If your construction period is relatively short, you will change places in a few years. Our container house can also meet your needs. After removal, transport to other Where to go. Or the whole hoisting.

Stable structure: After inspection, our house can withstand strong winds, earthquake resistance, and is well fixed. In the case of regular maintenance without human damage, 15 years of use is no problem.

Container homes have become a fashion trend. They are fast to install, safe, and reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly. These aspects surpass containers. Now it is mostly used in the temporary housing industry, commonly found in construction site dormitories, sentry boxes, shops, etc. Although it is temporary housing, it is as safe as a permanent building and is cost-effective. As a house, it mainly occurs in two aspects: the main thing is that the house collapses and the house catches fire, which is currently dangerous in the house. There are very few cases of house collapse, and most of them are cutting corners, which will never happen here. Regarding fire protection, we always choose products with high fire protection levels when selecting materials.


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