Construction Site Temporary Housing


Construction Site Temporary Housing

Khome Steel Structure, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of new, multi-purpose portable buildings. Headquartered in Xinxiang, Henan, our company is able to deliver high-quality portable buildings at excellent prices to all destinations worldwide (we currently serve over 180 countries). Our modular buildings are divided into two main categories:

Working as a construction worker on a project does not necessarily require that you get a permanent place. This is because once the project is over, you might have to move to a new site. This often involves changing accommodation. Having the construction site temporary housing is a nice feature you will always like. You can have the portable building with you once you move to a new construction site.

Companies could also purchase the same for their workers. This way they will always have the workers arrive on time to work on the project.

The way we design the construction site temporary housing, you can always find it being multipurpose. This means that you can use it for different applications. It should be the reason people like them so much. They always know that they can still use it with different applications. You too could enjoy the service of one if you put in a request to get one today.

These facilities are likely to be in an area with extreme. To ensure that they can live up to the user needs, we make portable buildings for workers weatherproof. This involves treating the panels and steel frames so that they remain strong even in extreme weather. You never have to worry about cases of rust for the frames. With no rust, the frames remain strong for more than 15 years..

Many people love the way we provide the temporary accommodations with many amenities. These are the necessary facilities that you need for the best stay. These facilities are subject to change depending on the client. That being said, we always make sure that the client will have top quality facilities installed. We always want the client to feel good value for the money.

We assure our clients that the construction site temporary housing will be delivered on time always. You should find that our company delivers these high quality accommodations in a short timeframe. This means that if you have to use such an accommodation soon, we will have it ready for you in no time. It is the reason clients keep coming back for more.




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