Container Commercial Buildings


Container Commercial Buildings

When you need a durable, efficient, and portable headquarters in the field with temporary container housing for your workforce, our relocatable modular houses can be operational within days and will accommodate the needs of your crew for the duration of your project.

Our difference is our consistent, high-end construction in a quality-controlled environment. Our modular structure allows for increased productivity reducing project schedule and resulting in an increased return on investment.

The modular container cabin could be settled on your land paly different role, such as dormitory, office, washroom, lavatory, meeting room, canteen etc. They can be as rustic or elaborate as you desire and can be climate-controlled and/or handicapped accessible. In some areas, portable modular house are now being used to provide shelter for homeless people in lieu of plastic tents, or sometimes used for the temporary home for refugees for Syria residence.

By the time you finish your worksite preparation, your project is ready to be delivered and installed on your project site. Send us your project and we will return a thorough proposal and construction delivery schedule to best correspond with your construction needs.


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