Modular Work Camps


Modular Work Camps

What is Container Accommodation Units?As we all know, It is used by workers when they need a job in an uncertain place? In actuality, three thousand people would like to build Modular Work Camps. Because of its can satisfy everybody follows residence already, follow simply again.

With the fast development of the economy, the serious impact on the world environment is gradually exposed. The traditional buildings have been unable to meet the requirements of green economic development. Traditional buildings not only consume a lot of resources during construction but also have a great impact on the pollution of the living environment in the process of long-term use.

It is known that existing buildings in many places are energy-intensive construction, and this kind of building with too soon rate growing. Excessive energy consumption also brings irreparable damage to the ecological environment in many places. In this grim situation, the development of green buildings, to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, maintain the ecological balance, is urgently need to face the reality of us.

Construction Site Containers as a new type of building material and structure form, the integrated production period is short. Convenient transportation, lightweight, safety and environmental protection, strong plasticity, land saving, energy saving; It can be moved freely, can be disassembled, recycled and reused, and fully meets the modern requirements of vigorously developing green buildings.

Container houses modular combination characteristics, according to the use of demand can be randomly combined in three-dimensional space (three floors below). Can be designed into the office side by side, life with villa style, personality superposition type, guest-style, container housing design beautiful, modular design, has a strong artistic appreciation.

Container House can be designed according to the needs of customers different styles of housing, but also according to the personal economic strength of the choice of medium, high, low-end configuration.

All in all, Different people can choose to satisfy the Container House.


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