Container House Resort


Container House Resort

A container house resort is made up of a steel structure container. The container is fabricated from inside and outside to add living unit elements to it, such as doors, windows, heat insulation, power supply and water connections. Custom size door and windows are added to suit a particular requirement of container house resort.

The container sides are insulated from inside to control the heat in summer weather and cold in winters. Container unit is equipped with bathroom and kitchen area as well. A single point water connection and power connection is provided to allow the container unit to be placed anywhere with a power socket and water connection. The prefab unit is provided a balcony on demand at top of the container, which provides a sit out area and works as the collection surface for water harvesting and solar power of the container house resort.

The unit are pre-fabricated and installed as and when needed. Traditional brick-mortar or wood made living units require an army of skilled labor to create such a unit, apart from the labor problem, the entire place need to be dug up and construction needs to take place at the site, rendering the place not usable and spoiling the overall look and feel of the resort. The container living units are pre-fabricated and transported to the resort site on trailer tucks.

They are placed at the exact site in a matter of hours. Compared to traditionally made living units, container living units are hassle free and extremely fast to create and can be install at any site. This directly results in a better return on your investment, as the container living units are ready to be let out from day one, rather than waiting for couple of months to get it ready.

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