Container Housing Solutions


Container Housing Solutions

There is a new and exciting trend sweeping over the globe, and an ever-growing number of people are making sustainable, eco-friendly Container Housing Solutions, enjoying the numerous benefits this new wave of architectural solutions brings. In case you have been searching for a new and exciting place to live that is not only affordable, but allows you to optimize, arrange and build a housing solution you’ve been dreaming of, then prefab containers present the most creative option available.

Here is how modular container architecture is shaping our reality and way of life, and how you can benefit from its sustainable and ingenious features.

While sustainability plays a key role in the drive and the recent boom behind prefab container architecture, there are numerous accompanying benefits that make this trend the container housing solution of the future.

The speed at which container homes are built is significantly higher than any other construction method, which is why it presents the best and most efficient solution for building homes quickly in areas where natural disasters are common. The simplest prefab homes can be built in a matter of days if enough manpower is employed, and more complex living areas, such as your dream home, can be finished, buffed and polished in a matter of weeks. Our design team at Khome Steel Structure is always ready to design the container housing solution for your new prefab home.

Modular container architecture allows for creativity and individual interior and exterior design solutions. While traditional spaces can be modified and updated to a lesser degree, you can implement almost any design solution you envision into your container home, provided you do not plan to remove load-bearing walls. Popular features include raising gardens and private oases on container roofs and balconies, and removing the sides to create glass walls to let plenty of sunshine in the house.


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