Container Labour Accommodation


Container Labour Accommodation

Labour camps are the work areas where there are different building needs like from kitchens to dormitories. Generally these camps are installed at the remote areas. Portable and demountable buildings are the best for this kind of camps. Because these camps are not permanent. Even they are used for long times, they are not permanent. Container labour accommodation provide convenience in every aspect. From the point of construction time, project budget, ecologically, ease of manufacture and ease of installation, these camps are very useful.

In these camps, mostly container and prefab buildings are used. These buildings are produced at factory environment not the construction site. They are produced as disassembled and after they are delivered as modules, their installation are made by manufacturer company teams. Flatpack camps where hundreds of people who work in camp will stay can be produced and get ready in only weeks. So, which buildings are included in these container labour accommodation?

The structure of kitchen and dining halls are very important for health of the people who work in these labour camps. Because of that, work camp’s kitchens and dining halls should be healthy, durable and suitable for human health. Prefab and container buildings are both environmentally friendly and suitable for human health. Thanks to the high and good insulation, they are not affected by harsh weather conditions. The insulation is provided by high quality sandwich panels. Khome sandwich panel containers are produced with unwelded system. Sandwich panels are used from roof to walls.

Dormitories are one of the key buildings for a container labour accommodation. If the people who work in the projects can not rest well, they can not work efficiently. So, dormitories of labour camps should be durable and comfortable. They should be durable as they can be used in every conditions, seasons and projects. They should be comfortable as the working people can take a rest well.  You should pay attention that container labour accommodation you prefer is comfortable for your project’s efficiency. Khome container prefab labour camp offer all workers comfortable living, rest and working areas with its durable, long-lasting, ergonomic and comfortable camp buildings.



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