Container Living Space


Container Living Space

We have secure solutions for every situation. The ground-mounted installation creates an instant living space that’s not only secure but climate control, and an instant living space solution that is easy to access.

It’s easier to put together

Everything is prefabricated and ready to go, so construction time is a lot shorter than traditional homes. It’s basically like playing Lego but on a much larger scale. If you’re looking to construct a home, then a container also provides an interesting ‘wow’ factor.

It’s simpler to move around

There is already existing infrastructure to facilitate moving containers around, so transportation is not an issue. Plus, once they arrive at your site, because of their sturdy shape containers are relatively easy to place on your foundation as well.

It’s easier to estimate the cost of construction

Given that most of the work on container homes is created on a factory floor for a fixed price, it’s a lot easier to estimate the construction cost. The only variables are delivery, site-preparation, foundation setting and utility connections. The one thing to note is that container homes are not always cheaper than traditional ones but for the most part, they are.


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