Container School Building


Container School Building

In developing countries and in some parts of  the United States, there’s a rising shortage of quality schools–and fewer and fewer places to put them.

Enter in the surprisingly sustainable solution–container school buildings.

More and more schools are creating their classrooms out of prefab containers, and the response from both students and faculty has been very positive. The fact that these modular containers provide a portable classroom means that if the school ever needed to relocate, means it would be simple to bring the buildings along!

All containers the container school building in Africa used were made of recycled products, which shows the school’s respect for the environment. It’s amazing to see how a simple prefab container can completely transform and even more importantly, how affordable it can be.

Once we modify modular containers, they can provide anyone with beautiful, affordable housing.

Affordable & Transportable

When you look at the finished project, it’s nearly impossible to tell that we even used prefab containers in the construction instead of traditional construction.

Because modular container walls are sandwich panel steel, the expansion is extremely durable. Additionally, building with these prefab containers was 10 to 20 percent cheaper than it would have been if the school had used traditional construction methods. As an added bonus, we were able to do most of the construction off-site.

The environmentally friendly expansion added 10,000 square feet of container classroom space.

The Numbers

In addition, educational facilities require the builder to have a unique mindset during construction. For us, that meant thinking seriously about what our work would be used for–and what we would be contributing to. Because so much of it could be installed off-site, it was minimally intrusive to the school’s normal activities.

Khome steel structure has manufactured container school buildings in Africa and Philippines.

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