Container Toilet Blocks


Container Toilet Blocks

Container toilet blocks are different from the traditional container, which is converted from the shipping container for a specific purpose. We are developed from it, but more than it.

Because our modular container are screw connected structure, with modular produced components. It could be easily customized to different size, different configurations, decorations, and the normally used doors and windows all can be customized.

After assembled, it has its electric lights, ceiling, floors, doors and windows already, you can move in immediately without waiting for one minutes.

So our toilet blocks are ideally suited to temporary site buildings including but not limited to: building sites, festivals, public events, etc.

And it can be entirely portable, although portable container, they can be just be useful as permanent fixtures at campsites, visitor attractions, industrial sites and many more sites.

The design is flexible, for now we have many options for you to choose, ranging from only toilet room, to mixed toilet room with modular shower room.  Whatever your requirements might be, our skilled team of engineers can be fabricated any size or design for your choice.

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