Containerized Living Units


Containerized Living Units

1. Introduction to Containerized Living Units
Standard container living unit products are mainly made of galvanized steel frame and new firewall material, with paint, waterproof glue, etc. as decorative materials, and the main components are connected by electric welding; the main structure includes the fire-resistant sandwich top plate, galvanized steel frame, and bottom frame Steel frame, fireproof sandwich wall panel, galvanized steel frame, door and window, circuit system, etc.

The House Made Of Containers interior can be flexibly decorated. This series can realize the convenience and speed of short-distance and quick installation.

The main structure includes four uprights, galvanized steel top plate, bottom frame steel frame, pure steel plate structure of wall panels, doors and windows, circuit system, etc.

Prefab Container House can better meet the needs of customers’ budgets, low funds, and short construction period. It is the most cost-effective sales and rental product.

2. Recommended Applications:

Containerized Living Units can be used as container office, accommodation, restaurants, bathrooms, and combined large spaces, which can meet construction site camp, field camp, municipal resettlement house, and various commercial house.

3. Product Features:

  • Flexible combination: can be used in a single container house, can be combined into an open large space, and can be superimposed on two layers
  • Complete supporting facilities: It can be matched with different shapes of roofs, corridor canopies, and stairs. In addition, there are special bathroom units and kitchen container houses to choose from. The appearance and interior can be decorated according to needs.
  • Fast installation speed: It can be installed in some hours by providing a flat site, which is convenient and quick.
  • Safe and durable: the service life is more than 15 years, the seismic intensity is 8 degrees, and the wind resistance is 15


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