Cottage Container Homes


Cottage Container Homes

A key advantage of cottage container homes is their toughness, stability, and longevity, which together we call strength. The strength of container homes is noticeably different from most conventional construction methods.

Depending on your design and intended usage, increased strength may not seem very important to you. But for many potential container homeowners, this strength is an important differentiator.

Imagine you go to the store to pick up some household cleaner. You see two choices: regular strength and extra strength. Which one do you buy?

If you’re like most people, you go for the extra strength. The same thing applies whether you’re buying products as varied as aspirin or batteries.

The thinking goes that if whatever you’re buying is good enough for professionals and commercial users that use the product every day and can’t afford for it not to work, it should be great for you.

The same applies for cottage container homes. In most cases, you aren’t going to be able to take advantage of all the strength they have, but you’ll still be glad you have it just in case.

Let’s get more specific on what increased strength actually means in a practical sense.


Toughness of Khome steel structure is the ability to withstand wear, damage, and poor conditions. On top of the unintentional wear you have on your container through day to day use, there is also the 24/7/365 assault from Mother Nature.

Extreme Environmental Conditions

It should come as no surprise to hear that prefab containers are originally designed to withstand the extreme environmental conditions. With that use-case in mind, they are made specifically to be durable and extremely tough so the high winds, swirling water, and rough weather do not damage the items inside the container cabins.


Longevity is having a long duration of life. In the modern era where almost everything is disposable, it’s nice to find things that are designed to last.

So the longevity we’re talking about here is actually trust in cottage container homes.

Preserving Strength

The initial strength of a container home has been well-covered earlier in the article, but we now move forward to preserving that strength.

The first thing to consider is maintenance. A cottage container home can give you decades of faithful service. At Khome steel structure our main focus is on best possible container homes for our customers.



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