Custom Prefab Homes


Custom Prefab Homes

A modular or Custom Prefab Homes is a factory-built home. It is manufactured and constructed indoors in our state-of-the-art production facility and then transported in modules to your lot and completed on-site.

Utilizing specialized equipment, your home is carefully loaded onto an air-ride speciality trailers and transported to your lot.

There are many advantages of modular construction versus traditional construction. Custom Modular homes offer you a hassle-free experience due to our ability to control materials, labour, superior workmanship, cost and timing within our indoor facility. Things you just don’t get from traditional construction!

Too many amazing features to mention! But in a nutshell, a fully finished home including a poured concrete foundation. Add your furniture and appliances and you’re ready to enjoy your new Quality Custom Prefab Home.

While we have a huge selection of designs in our Design Collection to choose from, you can modify a plan or work with us to design a completely custom home just for you. Or bring us a design and we will assess building it for you!

There are so many options that factor into the pricing of a Quality Home. Price is dependent upon things like the design, level of finishes you select, your build location and timing. We are happy to give you a price range once we know where you want to build and what type of home you are looking for. Just call us! We’re here to help.

We are starting here since it is the easiest to expose, and is also the main reason that many people start looking into purchasing a prefab home.

The cost to build a Custom Prefab Home depends on a variety of components; home design and layout, the number of bedrooms, the number of floors, the size of the home, and the types of materials used in construction.

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