Demountable Army Buildings


Demountable Army Buildings

The military doesn’t sit still. Everything from training structures to base camps need to be ready to pivot. So, how can the military keep on the move? Demountable army buildings fit the bill.

Demountable army buildings as Military Solutions,

Prefabricated army buildings can move and scale with military operations. Manufactured to International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) standards, portable army buildings  are easy to transport, and usually require no over-size trucking permits. Demountable army buildings are remarkably durable, cost-effective and almost always save time.

Here’s how modular steel structures are being used today.

Demountable army buildings are durable enough to be shipped to remote locations and ensure the occupants feel comfortable and safe.

Teams can meet to discuss events and trainings in an air-conditioned prefab army container. White boards and desks can be added to create a classroom like environment.

Single, double, and triple wide workspaces with attached modular container buildings can be disassembled and relocated as operational needs change.

Demountable army buildings  are durable enough to be shipped to remote locations and ensure the occupants feel comfortable and safe.

Interior of prefabricated army containers modified into military barracks with bunks

In addition to their flexibility to fulfill a wide variety of needs and specifications, demountable army buildings offer several distinct advantages including:

Weather Resistance. These Demountable army buildings  are built to be wind- and water-tight.

Durability. Prefab army containers are built with steel, designed to last 15-20 years with little or no maintenance required.

Fast Deployment. When conditions permit, customers can place prefabricated army buildings directly on the ground without a concrete slab or in-ground foundation.

Turnkey. Plug-and-play electrical and plumbing components are included in demountable army buildings, significantly simplifying installation.

Built-in Mobility. Demountable army buildings can be transported via ship, rail, or truck – and can be set up and relocated indefinitely without compromising their structural integrity.

Why Khome?

Perhaps the most important benefit is the wide range of customization available. Options for lighting, workspace, cabinetry, climate control and more are easy to add to existing floor plans. Khome has years of experience working with Steel structure buildings. We understand how to collaborate with project leaders and ensure the structure is up to their specs. For the varied needs of today’s military, flexible modular steel structures are a clear winner.


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